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Writing your Informal Blog Doesn’t Mean Slacking off on Writing Formalities

I want to say now that although I talk a bit about writing well on the web, I am no expert and do not always practise what I preach. Last night I listened in on a teachers course in english grammer and most of the terms sounded like they were from an alien language. It appears that the learning of good language skills left schools at the same time as corporal punishment, grammer is now a university level subject and even then we fail dismally.

One Simple Rule For Improving Your Writing is actually a critique on another article about improving your writing, but I think it is far more realistic about how we should use commas, full stops and other nifty little grammer devices – The advice: don’t try to be perfect, just try to be a little better. This may all sound too simple, but even in my uneducated state, I still am overwhelmed by how many basic, basic english language skills a lot of business people are lacking.

The reason all this is so important

In the real-time world that is the internet, we forget that fast content still has to be good content. Improve your writing skills a little and you may notice a massive increase in the amount of people who return to your site.