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Million dollar mouse: Flower Power donates $1,000

Thanks to all our Flower Power customers. On your behalf, we just donated $1,000 to eradicate mice off the Antipodes Islands, which matched dollar for dollar by Gareth and Jo Morgan, means thats $2k towards the million dollar target. We think its a pretty awesome cause, and love the fact that instead of thinking the […]

Delivering Exceptional Service

Thanks @milesfinlay for pointing out this brilliant article on customer service. I completely agree. People enjoy working with other people. Regardless of whether they are the cleaner or the CEO, there is no joy in working with people in an isolated business situation. It’s probably why people generally form groups of friends at work. I […]

iPoint2: Stay pointing in the right direction!

Disclaimer: I did design this app, so am very biased :) However, it IS cool. iPoint2 is super simple, all it does is allow you to plot locations, and then, wherever you are, it will point to any of your saved locations and tell you the direction and distance you need to go to get […]

Financial health

I have a lot of inspirational friends doing inspiration things, but one of the most practical pieces of wisdom Ive stolen in the last year is from Amy Hodgkinson, who got herself into a wee bit of debt in her early twenties (like many I know) and last year, paid the whole lot off. Her […]

Great advice for anyone wanted to get in the startup game

A few years ago in Wellington, we had this weird wave of businesses that were so over-hyped, everyone assumed the founders were superstars, despite there being virtually nothing behind the buzz. Out of the rubble a couple of key names emerged. These people actually seemed to have their heads screwed on correctly and had spent […]

Moneyscope: Standing out from the Crowd

One of my favorite customers just sent me the latest review of Moneyscope – a Basecamp style approach to financial planning, that enables financial planners to quickly produce attractive, simple and understandable reports for their clients… As opposed to the typical, hugely complex modeling systems that result in reports no one really understands. I love […]

Making it cool (or not cool)

I watched the Facebook movie. I’m not sure how ‘true to life’ it was, but I one thing I loved was the focus on how important it is to have something ‘cool’. We talk about ‘building buzz’ and all these other marketing, techie terms for ‘cool’, but it was funny to realise, that at the […]

iFirstaid – Best iPhone App EVER

This is actually not my idea and I know I will be KILLED for claiming this as something I found, but I do think (outside of the creations I’m involved in of course…) that this is the best iPhone app ever. Why? Because First Aid is something that we should all know and pretty much […]

My new favorite website: Groupy!

DISCLAIMER: While I believe Lance might be a part of this company, and even though Lance and I are in several companies together, I am in no way associated with Groupy APART FROM, I am their new BIGGEST FAN! I just feel like I have to say that to avoid being accused of underhanded self-promotion. […]

The difference between doers and talkers

There are two types of people in the world: Doers, and talkers. Talkers are brilliant at coming up with big schemes and discussing them for hours and then coming up with bigger schemes and discussing them for hours. Doers get stuff done. I went to a cycle event on Saturday morning at 8am, organised by […]