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IT Rockstars and Hairdressing Parties

Last night I went along to the second IT Rockstars event, it was remarkably different from the hairdressing event I went to the night before. Apparently, when in the midst of recession, several businesses have decided that it’s time to party. Either that or IT recruitment and hairdressing are the industries to get into. The […]

Sometimes I wish…

That just one week could go by trouble and drama free No muck ups, no late deliveries, no snarky remarks, no apologies, no chasing people for payments, no hurried deadlines… That Wellington had a weather transplant I’m sick of the freezing cold wind and rain and social inappropriateness of wearing ugg boots to work That […]

Joining the iPhone Revolution

So yesterday I bought an iPhone. I’ve been putting it off for a while in the hopes they will invent a pink one, but in the end, the practicality outweighed the aesthetics. I’m not normally one for gadgets and the major benefits driving the change were the Vodafone iPhone plan (which is cheaper than my […]

The Meaning of Success

I had one of my oldest and bestest buddies over from Melbourne for the week last week. One of the planned activities was her brothers graduation party. This wasn’t your ordinary graduation. Josh started life way too early and wasn’t meant to survive. One of the results of that was that he has had to […]

A weekend of Luxury and Doll Domination

This weekend Amy, Kate and I went on a luxurious, ladies weekend in Auckland. From the moment we stepped into our luxurious, chocolate, massage oil and bubbly laden suite (courtesy of my favorite flatmate ever Fiona), we knew this was going to be a weekend to remember. Somehow, Fi managed to hook us up with […]

Week one complete

So I joined the gym a week ago today. At the moment I can’t walk properly, dress myself or do an awful lot really. I blame the lethal combo of ‘Body Pump” and “Body Attack” and those weird human beings who take the classes with such unnatural joy. The one-week report is that this could […]

How disguisting.

We have a nasty knack in this society of treating animal lovers as weirdos. On the other hand, we DON’T treat animal haters with nearly enough disgust. This weekend, I read this article about the fate of two local kittens who were subjected to torture, then dropped carelessly at an animal shelter. Their paws were […]

Life Insurance vs a Gym Membership

I recently bought income protection insurance. Major reason was impending house purchase (although to be honest I haven’t found all that much recently). The insurance costs roughly $70 a month and means that if I get seriously sick, I have that income forever more. Not something I generally think about and to be honest about […]

A change of career

After spending the past few days obsessed with editing the video of my sister’s wedding, and after seeing the results, I think it’s time to change careers. I have quite a talent for it. You should SEE my musical interludes, transitions and cross-cutting (or whatever it is) The video is an hour long. The sister […]

Total shutoff

So the last few weeks/months have been pretty stressful. Stress is a funny thing. It sneaks up on you, it changes the way you feel about the world, and it can make you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Running a business in this climate changes things. We have been […]