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IT Rockstars and Hairdressing Parties

Last night I went along to the second IT Rockstars event, it was remarkably different from the hairdressing event I went to the night before.

Apparently, when in the midst of recession, several businesses have decided that it’s time to party. Either that or IT recruitment and hairdressing are the industries to get into.

The hairdressing party was unfortunately timed after the second body combat class in two days. I don’t recall a lot of it, my entire body was so tired, I sipped at a bubbly, won a massage then went home, flopped on the couch and made my flatmate bring me dvds, blankets and sympathy for the rest for the night.

The IT Rockstars Party was potentially even less fortunately timed after my first personal training session. I felt obliged to make up for all the exercise by downing chicken nuggets by the handful and apparently, despite being one of the slower drinkers in the group, got through a few bubblies as well.

I’m not sure who actually won the IT Rockstar title, but I had a blast in the background. Lessons from the night? I may not know how to create a black hole, I’m incapable of doing just one sit up BUT last night, I learned that I can drink a couple of glasses of bubbly without stopping at BK on the way home. Impressive.

Sometimes I wish…

That just one week could go by trouble and drama free

No muck ups, no late deliveries, no snarky remarks, no apologies, no chasing people for payments, no hurried deadlines…

That Wellington had a weather transplant

I’m sick of the freezing cold wind and rain and social inappropriateness of wearing ugg boots to work

That I didn’t put on weight in my first month at the gym

Apparently it’s normal due to muscle growth. But I don’t see any new muscles and my jeans aren’t any looser.

That Westwing was a forever continuing program

I’m totally addicted and dreading the day I reach the last episode.

That’s about it for my wishlist this week! :)

Joining the iPhone Revolution

So yesterday I bought an iPhone. I’ve been putting it off for a while in the hopes they will invent a pink one, but in the end, the practicality outweighed the aesthetics.

I’m not normally one for gadgets and the major benefits driving the change were the Vodafone iPhone plan (which is cheaper than my current plan AND includes data), the fact that unlike my pink phone, I can check email on the go, and it just doesn’t LOOK good these days to use a normal cellphone ;)

My flatmates disagree and took great joy showing me this picture last night:

iPhone vs rock

The Meaning of Success

I had one of my oldest and bestest buddies over from Melbourne for the week last week. One of the planned activities was her brothers graduation party.

This wasn’t your ordinary graduation. Josh started life way too early and wasn’t meant to survive. One of the results of that was that he has had to use special software to dictate his essays and other work he does – a tool that his incredibly smart dad gave up using within 10 minutes from frustration and the sheer difficulty of ‘writing’ that way.

Josh was graduation with his Masters, an accomplishment that most people I know fail to reach, and those who do find it a major struggle in normal circumstances. Josh was adding his new certificate to his two other degrees.

I have seen successful people, before, I KNOW a lot of successful people, but never before have I seen such sheer determination against all odds to get through the first few weeks and months of life and go on to achieve the sort of things most people who have every advantage find tricky.

The thing that really got us though was the 100% backing of his friends and family. At no point in his life have any of them even thought that he couldn’t do something and they have been with him the whole way.

It made me wonder what we could all achieve with that sort of faith in ourselves and each other.

A weekend of Luxury and Doll Domination

The girlsThis weekend Amy, Kate and I went on a luxurious, ladies weekend in Auckland.

From the moment we stepped into our luxurious, chocolate, massage oil and bubbly laden suite (courtesy of my favorite flatmate ever Fiona), we knew this was going to be a weekend to remember. Somehow, Fi managed to hook us up with the honeymoon package for two nights in a row (for Mr and Mrs Ferguson), complete with bathrobes and full buffet breakfast (you really don’t want to know how little we ended up paying for it all).

We proceeded to spend the weekend getting makeovers (‘smoky eyes’ were all the rage), drinking fancy cocktails, eating at the finest establishments (yes, yesterdays 4.5 hour lunch may have been a little overboard), and shopping at places I wouldn’t normally dare set foot in.

Oh, and we went to the Pussy Cat Dolls concert.

For people who try to pretend everywhere we go that we are in fact international supermodels, it was a great honor to have the entire school group on our plane mistake Amy for a celebrity and want to get photos with her. We also spotted several members of the Shortland street cast (my FAVORITE soap opera) AND I won $55 at the casino (which I managed to keep due to Amy dragging me away at the peak of my winning streak). I even think we started a new trend of lying down on the glass floor of the sky tower and giggling hysterically – I am convinced a queue was forming to get in on the act.

I have a sneaking suspicion most of Auckland (especially the taxi drivers) are still recovering. We sincerely apologise for our over-exciteness. We don’t apologise for our singing abilities and for wearing about 5 times as much clothing as our fellow concert goers (apparently we are getting old).

An extra benefit of the pain I caused my credit card this weekend, is that the horrendous amount I paid for a skirt at Kate’s Favorite shop has been rewarded with my FIRST NEW FRIENDS at the gym. I was the object of much attention in the changing room.

For the first time in months, I arrived at work on Monday exhausted but totally refreshed and excited about the week ahead. For that alone, it was worth it ten times over.

Week one complete

So I joined the gym a week ago today.

At the moment I can’t walk properly, dress myself or do an awful lot really. I blame the lethal combo of ‘Body Pump” and “Body Attack” and those weird human beings who take the classes with such unnatural joy.

The one-week report is that this could be a great thing. I really like:

  • The ability to go out AFTER work for a drink or two knowing that I have already done my exercise
  • That if I get bored of something there are tonnes of other options
  • The unnaturally happy people who remind you at exactly the right moment that the pain you are feeling is directly related to improvement in your bum and thighs
  • That the classes have loud music so worst case scenario, you give up on the proper moves and just have a boogie for a bit

I don’t like:

  • Those gym bunny types who must live there!

So, by in large, I think this is a good decision :)

How disguisting.

We have a nasty knack in this society of treating animal lovers as weirdos.

On the other hand, we DON’T treat animal haters with nearly enough disgust.

This weekend, I read this article about the fate of two local kittens who were subjected to torture, then dropped carelessly at an animal shelter. Their paws were cut off.

In a world full of disgusting, horrendous crimes, it’s hard to know why this one in particular has drilled a hole in my head. It may well be because the perpetrators are believed to be children, and that they were still laughing when their parents dropped the kittens off.

I don’t know what type of parents these people think they are. I’m yet to meet in person a 10 year old who doesn’t know the difference between such blatant right and wrong and who have learned such disrespect for fellow life. How did the line get so blurred that chopping paws off kittens seemed a reasonable thing to do?

And how could the parents just get rid of these little guys post trauma? And not even have the decency to leave their names in connection to this obvious crime.

I just hope their neighbors have noticed the loss of the kittens and put two and two together, but I suspect that in this country, it will just be quietly ignored while volunteers nurse these babies back to health.

Life Insurance vs a Gym Membership

I recently bought income protection insurance. Major reason was impending house purchase (although to be honest I haven’t found all that much recently). The insurance costs roughly $70 a month and means that if I get seriously sick, I have that income forever more.

Not something I generally think about and to be honest about the worst sales pitch you have to sit through. The whole thing was a bit doom and gloom really.

Now after yet another unsuccessful attempt at kick starting a regular running regime, I’m thinking of biting the bullet and getting a gym membership. This will cost roughly the same amount per month and it has always seemed like an utter waste of money.

The plan of attack NOW is to treat the gym membership like a pre-insurance, insurance policy. But knowing me, it will literally sit in my wallet getting dusty.

Any advice? Is there hope for lazy bums like me? (I’ve already tried justifying it by claiming that I’d otherwise spend the money on food…)

A change of career

After spending the past few days obsessed with editing the video of my sister’s wedding, and after seeing the results, I think it’s time to change careers.

I have quite a talent for it.

You should SEE my musical interludes, transitions and cross-cutting (or whatever it is)

The video is an hour long. The sister has no idea it exists and the grand unveiling is tomorrow night.

Anyone else want the dynamic duo of Claire and myself videoing your wedding, I’m so there.

With a Mac, you can do ANYTHING these days!

Total shutoff

So the last few weeks/months have been pretty stressful.

Stress is a funny thing. It sneaks up on you, it changes the way you feel about the world, and it can make you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Running a business in this climate changes things. We have been lucky not to experience any real changes, but when we go a month without getting any new work, or when I’m too bogged down to be getting new work, instead of thinking ‘ah well, next month’ you start to panic that it’s a sign of things to come.

On top of that, we run a very free and happy ship here and when that leads pretty quickly into being too free and easy and mistakes get made and no one is accountable, you start to question your fundamental beliefs about how a business should be run and WHY you bother in the first place to expand beyond being a freelancer.

I noticed that I started to change. I didn’t feel like ‘me’. I didn’t feel happy, motivated or even like I wanted to talk to anyone. I just wanted to go home every night and sleep.

This kind of stress is new for me. I am in control of it. I KNOW I can work out of it. I just need to get my act together and motor through everything on my plate, then find something I feel excited about and run with it. The thing is, despite the groans from everyone I know that I can’t just drop everything and head to Thailand, or the US or Michael Jackson in London, I’m actually not fussed about what I have to miss out on to make this happen.

This is what I want to be doing. I love it. But I need to find a way to ensure I don’t get stuck in this stress hole, I need to get some danger signs.

In the meantime, I ‘dealt’ with it by abandoning my cellphone, computer and all internet and electricity and went to the Marlborough Sounds for Easter. Despite having a million messages on my answering machine and more emails than anyone could handle on my return, I think it was worth it.

My head is clear, I remembered that the reason I do this is so that I can do that. And when you are faced with a pod of bottlenose dolphins desperately showing off, or leaping off the wharf into the pitch black ocean in the middle of the night, or dashing up and down a bush track finding clues for our easter egg hunt, it kind of puts stress in perspective.

Lesson of the month: Stress is awful. Getting de-stressed is top priority as is taking FULL advantage of the brilliance of your friends and business mentor to yell and scream and vent on for weeks on end until you see the light again.

As per ususal, I owe you guys a great big thanks.

Update (thanks to postsecret)