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The best customer feedback EVER.

I’m sure Anna wont mind me just posting her entire email: Hi Natalie, this is Anna with ForeSoft. First of all let me congratulate you on your 1 year anniversary! You are really doing a great job girls! In support of my words here is our current results after publishing a new version of BUGtrack […]

When Technology Just Makes Things Worse

I was at my doctor the other day and as I was leaving (perhaps because she knows a lot about my business), she asked if I would be happy to receive test results via text. At first I said ‘yes’, then quickly realised my default ‘go technology’ line totally didn’t work in this particular situation. […]

Geurilla Marketing, Dog Style

I was wandering the streets at lunch, when I came across a pink petition signing extravaganza. The petition was to get lighting in official dog walking parks in Wellington (did you know currently NONE of our official dog walking parks has lighting at night or on dark winter days?). I vaguely recognised the brand that […]

Keeping it Simple

There seems to be quite a flurry of good business ideas being directed towards me in the past few days. One thing they ALL have in common is exponential growth. This is not exponential growth in customers, but in the size of the idea. One sentence that I find myself regularly repeating is “There are […]

Market Research – The Old Fashioned Way

Last night I headed along to a market research session with two of my most outspoken friends, to offer feedback on a branding and marketing strategy in return for wine and freebies (note: If you do market research, you will be surprised at how much people will do for a free glass of wine) The […]

Non-constrcutive criticism.

I just arrived back to find the office all a flutter about someone pulling apart one of our websites ( and the design work we did. Having worked in startups and design for a while, I am well used to getting criticised for the work we do – I am yet to find one designer […]

I am NOT a teenage Girl anymore

I have been talking to the owners of about potentially working together. This has led to a mild breakdown on my side due to it suddenly hitting me that I am not only NOT a teenage girl, but I know NOTHING about them. We have kicked into serious market research mode and spent half […]

Blogging Etiquette

How many people respond personally to comments they get on their blog? One person who is super good at replying by email is Rowan Simpson, who not only replies, but totally smashes open the myth that YOU are too busy to reply personally (Rowan was one of Trade Me’s Founders and has invested a good […]

Please, please integrate your marketing strategy

Big companies ALWAYS shock me with how useless they are. Big companies pay a fortune for someone to come up with a marketing strategy, but forget to analyse who they are before hand. This results in me seeing massive banners, tv ads and sponsorships everywhere proclaiming one thing, then interacting with the actual company and […]