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Making it cool (or not cool)

I watched the Facebook movie. I’m not sure how ‘true to life’ it was, but I one thing I loved was the focus on how important it is to have something ‘cool’. We talk about ‘building buzz’ and all these other marketing, techie terms for ‘cool’, but it was funny to realise, that at the […]

Life is for sharing and t-mobile gets it

Just saw this on Breakfast: Tracked back to last year’s version: These guys GET social media crazy well. The Heathrow ad was launched yesterday I believe on ALL the stations in the UK simultaneously and on the internet. Way to get people buzzing. And beautiful, heart warming ad. Genius.

Gaga…. Really?

Someone on Facebook commented the other day that they don’t ‘get’ the hype around Lady Gaga. In amongst the lively and lengthy debate, another person posted a link to this article, which I honestly believe is the biggest piece of academic drivel that I have ever forced myself to read… A quote that REALLY shows […]

Successful Social Media Marketing

The reason Im not a millionaire is because when people say things like ‘how about we make a website where people can upload and share video on the internet’, my first thought is ‘no one would possibly ever use that!’ It ruins YouTube for me. Every time I go there (or hear the word ‘Farmville’), […]

Read Write Web Community Report

We’ve been working with Read Write Web for a while now, and one of our first tasks has been the design of their super exciting guide to community management. Emma has read the whole thing many times and it is jam packed full of useful information. If communities are you thing, then the Read Write […]

I LOVE coupons!

There are a tonne of coupon sites popping up. Until yesterday I paid little attention to them. But I read an article the other day about how you should do a quick search for coupons WHENEVER you buy something online… It changed my life! My latest two purchases, I would make regardless of discounts, so […]

Does Search Engine Optimisation just Equal Good Marketing?

Quite often customers ask me to make sure their site ranks at number one on Google. After Ronan heard my reply one too many times, he sent me an article that rips apart the notion of SEO. I agree with basically every part. Unless SEO experts partake in some of the more ‘dodgy’ SEO activities, […]

What Mark Does Your Website Get?

Courtesy of Lance Wiggs, I came across Website Grader (which I REALLY want to call Website GradR, due to it’s web 2.0ness). It’s awesome. There has been some controversy over whether or not the 6,000 odd links pointing to Decisive Flow are the high quality ones I think they are, or if they could in […]