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Wedding Bells.

My oldest sister is getting married tomorrow. I apologise to everyone who is already sick of my constant bleating, but I feel it’s worthy of a mention here, both because it’s part of the reason why I haven’t been writing much and because it’s quite a big event in our lives! After a year of […]

Work hours are work hours

I am bogged down at work. I also have a wedding in the family in two weeks. One thing that has become increasingly obvious is my inability to sit down for a full work day and get stuff done without 1-2 hours taken up with people popping in, asking quick favours etc etc for non […]

Hanging out with Lionel Richie

So I’m in the Hawkes Bay again (should I just move here?) This time for Cornevil and LIONEL!!!!! Unfortunately, after an unbroken 16 years of no rain on Mission Concert day, this year it’s currently bucketing down. Apparently my luck has worn off. I’ve been bugging Amy to let me go to Cornevil ever since […]

Getting help from NZTE

I just applied for funding from NZTE for the first time ever. We are trying to get financial assistance for our upcoming work with Alan to get our strategies straight and documented (and making sense!) for the next few years of growth. So, one day when I had a spare minute, I started trawling the […]

The only thing better than Xero and iPayroll…

Is getting them for FREE! I signed up to Bizchat (New Zealand’s latest and greatest business community) last week after realising Ruth Mc Davitt and Ben Kepes are behind it. I am now the (super excited) first winner of the cool business software package prize they have put together for users of the site: 12 […]

People matter now more than ever.

The other day, I heard about a guy who works for a company who yell at him for caring too much about customers. Apparently it detracts too much from the bottom line and he is actively DISCOURAGED from providing exceptional service. These days, we all hear about companies cutting costs through mass redundancies. I’ve heard […]

Breaking the 40 minute barrier

So I did Round the Bays on Sunday in a NEW PERSONAL ROUND THE BAYS BEST TIME of 39.57 minutes. Over the years ‘Team Ferguson and Tag Alongs’ has grown and morphed and be believe that this year was our best yet. The 7km run was completed without any walking by all of us (except […]

Does Search Engine Optimisation just Equal Good Marketing?

Quite often customers ask me to make sure their site ranks at number one on Google. After Ronan heard my reply one too many times, he sent me an article that rips apart the notion of SEO. I agree with basically every part. Unless SEO experts partake in some of the more ‘dodgy’ SEO activities, […]

A Little Bit of National Pride

I spent Waitangi day and Saturday at the Wellington Rugby Sevens. For all those not in the know, the Wellington Sevens event is one big 40,000 person strong dress up party that goes on around some rugby games that no one really pays attention to. To an outsider, the concept seems a little unusual, and […]

Censorship in the age of the blog.

Following the Mumbai attacks late last year, there was apparently scathing criticism of the news reporting. One blogger has been sued for claiming a TV station used ‘shoddy journalism’ and has unpublished his post and issues a retraction statement. The result? Fairly obvious really. The entire blogosphere erupts, people re-publish the post on their websites […]