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The true cost of production

I went to a panel the other night called ‘Sweatshops: good or bad” or words to that effect. The economic arguments for sweatshops (i.e why they are good) are very much the same as those used to justify slavery, equal pay for women (and now youth) and everything else that involves some form of exploitation: […]

Is David Beckham worth it?

If you live in Wellington or have ever been here, chances are, you’ll have heard of the Chocolate Fish Cafe. I wrote about The Chocolate Fish Cafe a while ago, and often hear stories about lazy Saturdays spent eating delicious breakfasts and downing coffees in the sun, just around the bays. The Chocolate Fish Cafe […]

When customers own the business

I saw this website a couple of weeks ago and it started me thinking. The site is looking for 25,000 Liverpooleans (‘Liverpool people’?) to each donate 20 pounds to communally buy a creative center. I have also seen entire football teams being bought by their fans. Wellington has a massive music culture. We LOVE our […]

Technology rocks.

I’m in the process of moving flats. It’s been a fairly tricky task given that this appears to be the worst time of the year to be looking, but I have found a place… It came with no furniture and no flatmates AND I needed to sign the lease in 4 days. In the past, […]

Making a difference

If you own a small business and a heart, Kiva is for you. Kiva is a ‘micro-loans’ website, allowing individuals from all over the world to connect, it’s not a charity as such, but I think the concept could replace a large number of charities eventually. Basically, you loan money to people who own or […]

Is your business sustainable?

I’m not sure if ours is, but I’d like it to be. Small business should be the home of sustainability. We know how to live off a shoestring, to use our resources until they are well and truly done for. We like to save money, we like to achieve things, our livelihood depends on us […]

Catching the Blogging Bug

I got my sister BLOGGING! She had to move all the way to Canada to kickstart her blogging career, but small sacrifices… Some highlights so far: On Yoga: “Unfortunately it turns out yoga is a silent thing, so not the ideal way of making friends! Mind you, we did working on drawing ourselves into our […]

Loving what You Do

I realised the other day, that pretty much everyone I know loves their job. I’d never thought about it until someone I know started a job that they DIDN’T love and I was gobsmacked that they could do that to themselves. While I was yapping to people at the Small Business Expo, I came across […]