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How to accidentally stop blogging

So life got pretty busy there for a while… And suddenly it’s halfway through the year. Apparently the way to stop blogging, is to not do it one day… or the next, and rinse and repeat until eventually, it feels very weird to be back. It’s been a crazy year. My attempt to go it […]

Moneyscope: Standing out from the Crowd

One of my favorite customers just sent me the latest review of Moneyscope – a Basecamp style approach to financial planning, that enables financial planners to quickly produce attractive, simple and understandable reports for their clients… As opposed to the typical, hugely complex modeling systems that result in reports no one really understands. I love […]

MyTours is a finalist for the onyas!!!!

There was much excitement over MyTours email in the past few days, when Glen announced that we are a finalist for the onyas (which for those NOT in NZ, is basically our tech version of the Oscars… Sort of) The funny thing about making products, is that you spend most of your time just trying […] Feedback Welcome :)

While the rest of you were sunning yourselves (I love Wellingtonian’s unblinkable belief that there WAS sun even when there is no proof or evidence), a group of us were busy putting the final tweaks on our launch version of All About the Story. All About the Story is the brainchild of Julie Starr, its […]

Can you make tea?

I have been worried about Nat ever since I have left Wellington. Who makes the breakfast in the office each morning? Nat assures me she makes her own, but I’m not convinced. I am very sure nobody is now offering to make tea or coffee at 11, and what really keeps me awake at night […]


Unlike Nik from Code to Customer who is somewhat uptight about making his accounts balance EVERY DAY, I have had a varied accounting history. I used to have an accounts person who did the day to day bank recs etc but found that this meant I lost my overview of how we were doing and […]

Two Year Anniversary

It occurred to me the other day that it’s been almost 2 years to the day since I took sole custody of Decisive Flow. This company is my life’s work. It’s the cause of countless tears, sleepless nights, and has caused me to grow up suddenly and often painfully. I’ve had to fight tooth and […]

PHP Freelancer wanted!

After three or even four years, this week, we are saying goodbye to Kelle. I’ve been plotting her replacement and am contemplating a slightly different strategy. While I know we will eventually want someone full time, I’ve never been a huge fan of the ‘meet someone once at a job interview and make your decision’ […]

The First Baby Tuatara born free in 200 years

Tuatara are one of the coolest creatures in NZ. “The two species of tuatara are the only surviving members of its order, which flourished around 200 million years ago” Translation: Tuatara = DINOSAUR My friend Claire works at Karori Wildlife Sanctuary as a tour guide. Apparently she was one of the guides who were able […]

Dump your granny’s power company

Since I took over Decisive Flow solo, I have had my eye half open for a cool startup opportunity. Last last year the perfect one presented itself, and since we already had a team who had spent the past few months discussing working together, we dived in and started our own power company – Power […]