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Don’t watch the clock when you’re with clients

I went to a meeting today with a branding company and a customer. The branding company didn’t look at their clock once. I’m not sure if they are charging by the hour, but the lack of watching the clock really stood out. In amongst checking cellphones and running late, I notice that generally people blatantly […]

Working long distance

We get a fair bit of work from the other side of the world. For most of these customers, this is the first time they have worked with someone they aren’t able to catch up with face to face and I think the idea is initially quite frightening. I find, it works BETTER than when […]

How much one person can change

I caught the bus yesterday. I’m not sure what it’s like in the rest of the world, but busses in Wellington are notorious for their angry, mean drivers. I’ve had drivers who gleefully pass people waiting at the bus stop, or who drive up so close behind the person stopped in front of them, I […]

Toast Martinborough – events that people love

Who didn’t love Toast Martinborough? What a concept! Vineyards, wine, music, food and an entire day of relaxation. Whoever organises it deserves a medal, the event is so well run, you don’t even realise you with 10,000 other people at a place that normally only holds up to a quarter of that.

How to create a successful website

I went to Victoria university. Their website was a well known example among students of a black hole of information – you knew it was all in there somewhere, it was just virtually impossible to get to it. It was begging for an update, so I was happy to discover that very recently it had […]

Is David Beckham worth it?

If you live in Wellington or have ever been here, chances are, you’ll have heard of the Chocolate Fish Cafe. I wrote about The Chocolate Fish Cafe a while ago, and often hear stories about lazy Saturdays spent eating delicious breakfasts and downing coffees in the sun, just around the bays. The Chocolate Fish Cafe […]

If you make it (easy), they will come

I have been a web designer long enough to know that behind even the ugliest of sites lies some very successful companies. A lot of people just don’t see the web as a marketing channel and have an ugly looking, amateur website as their only online representation. That’s like sending your five year old along […]

A slug in your dinner

I recently went out to dinner with my parents to a restaurant that we quite like. Unfortunately, just as we polished off the last bit, I found a slug in my dinner. Luckily it was a whole slug. In fact it was a happy slug. Quite cute too, had it not been in my dinner. […]