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Real Estate Agents, sort yourselves out.

In my attempts to keep my brain going beyond the 25 year mark (when apparently everything stops), Im thinking of diversifying into property. Well one property, to be precise. I am basically after a place that I can rent out for the next few years until my liver explodes from living in town, then move […]

More customer success: MyLawsuit

Just heard from Michele about some early buzz around Michele and I ‘met’ several years ago now, and we designed the initial screens for MyLawsuit. Michele is a true inspiration (just read the articles to see what she gets up to!) and I love the concept of a website that helps the little guy […]

AA Insurance, You Rock!

In my attempt to become carless, I was left in an awkward position, where my insurance expired 1 week before the car was sold. I rang AA (who I have written about my love for several times) and they said they were happy to give me 2 weeks leeway, but if I was one of […]

Duh! Getting ripped off by Flexirent!

When I first took sole control of Decisive Flow, I made the very stupid short term decision to rent computers through Flexirent. At the time I was forking out large sums of money in legal fees to extract my ex-business partner and of course, pay him out, so cashflow was key (like how I justify […]

Moneyscope: Standing out from the Crowd

One of my favorite customers just sent me the latest review of Moneyscope – a Basecamp style approach to financial planning, that enables financial planners to quickly produce attractive, simple and understandable reports for their clients… As opposed to the typical, hugely complex modeling systems that result in reports no one really understands. I love […]

Cars: Why you must know your stuff.

This morning, I took in my little old car for a warrent. As per usual, I left it to the last possible moment, so when it failed for busted tyres and busted brake hoses. So, I set about getting things fixed. Thank goodness that despite my complete lack of knowledge about cars, I have a […]

Making it cool (or not cool)

I watched the Facebook movie. I’m not sure how ‘true to life’ it was, but I one thing I loved was the focus on how important it is to have something ‘cool’. We talk about ‘building buzz’ and all these other marketing, techie terms for ‘cool’, but it was funny to realise, that at the […]

Thankyou Vodafone!

I HATE Vodafone as a general rule. Last night I hated them even more when their bung billing system kept charging me the wrong amount… Which meant that even though I’d been merrily paying, assuming they’d tell me the RIGHT amount to pay, I was CUT OFF FROM THE WORLD. I was fuming this morning, […]