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Follow Through

I just spent an awesome weekend in the Hawkes Bay and wound up staying in a very flash, brand new $1,200 a night apartment (yes, I know people who know people). We were out for dinner with the person who owns the apartment complex, he’s been doing this sort of thing for a while. Someone […]

Are we insignificant?

I have just been made aware that I’m not as important as I thought I was. Actually I’m pretty insignificant. This could well be true, I don’t know the stats on how much value us small businesses add to the economy in proportion to our size. Maybe we don’t add that much when being dwarfed […]

Two Year Anniversary

It occurred to me the other day that it’s been almost 2 years to the day since I took sole custody of Decisive Flow. This company is my life’s work. It’s the cause of countless tears, sleepless nights, and has caused me to grow up suddenly and often painfully. I’ve had to fight tooth and […]

Owning your success

So the past few months, I have struggled. I used to love what I did, but this year I’ve just found it really hard. I had big plans but as hard as I tried, it just seemed like we weren’t getting anywhere. Until this week. This week will go down as my Week of 2009. […]

PR vs Substance

I had a conversation last week about two competing businesses. One with substance, but no PR machine, the other with great PR but not a lot a lot behind it. The one with good PR is currently winning out. Having come into contact with PR based businesses, I feel like I’ve seen first hand how […]

Appreciating the good side of life

My crisis of trust last week was the result of several things, the largest being a substantial betrayal on the work front (for the sake of other people involved I wont go into it, although one day I think it would be good to put it out there). What I learned today, after many sleepless […]

Total shutoff

So the last few weeks/months have been pretty stressful. Stress is a funny thing. It sneaks up on you, it changes the way you feel about the world, and it can make you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Running a business in this climate changes things. We have been […]

I HATE (company) Tax

I’m normally a great proponent of tax. It’s an important part of a functioning society with a decent health system and support available for those who need it. But when I get hit with a massive tax bill (which I was kind of waiting for) it does get me thinking. After my accountant had me […]

Team bonding. It works.

Last week I dragged the team along to meet with Alan (business coach extrodinare) for a team strategy meeting. The others are used to my weird ideas and I believe they were a tad hesitant to believe that spending an afternoon away from Photoshop would be, in any way helpful. I think Alan converted them. […]