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MyTours is a finalist for the onyas!!!!

There was much excitement over MyTours email in the past few days, when Glen announced that we are a finalist for the onyas (which for those NOT in NZ, is basically our tech version of the Oscars… Sort of) The funny thing about making products, is that you spend most of your time just trying […] 1 year on and it’s getting exciting!

Apparently the gang at celebrated our one year anniversary a month or so back. And what a year it’s been! From the start, we were all aware that this was not the sort of site that will go from no to woah in a year. Anything to do with listings requires a delicate balance […]

In the right

About 6 months ago, I wrote about customers who were refusing to pay. What a way to start the year, it really made life hard and even harder because they not only DIDN’T pay up, they also tried to lay the blame on me. And I’m one of those people who has weird guilt complexes […]

What is a Business Entertainment Expense?

One good thing about being in a small business is that you have a lot more control over WHO you work with and you actually build up a fairly substantial list of ‘workmates’… And because you wind up working fairly closely with partners and customers, you build quite solid relationships with them. So you manage […]

Now get $50 FREE Power when you sign up to Powershop!

If you still haven’t taken the leap away from your crusty old power company and joined all the cool kids at Powershop, now’s your chance! We’ve made it even more tempting, by putting the first $50.00 in your account when you sign up through the Flower Power Daisy promo. And to sweeten the deal even […]

Pay for Power On The Go (with your iPhone)!

The gang at PowerKiwi have long since been aware that the average New Zealander can’t get ENOUGH of analysing their power bill. Actually, we know that you can, and you do, within about 2 seconds of seeing it in the letter box. However, we also all know that if you don’t PAY the bill, you’ll […]

A Time For Dancing

Post the debacle with some wonderful ex customers running off without paying, and post Tax Season, where you have to pay provisional tax ON the payments they are refusing to make, and GST and everything else that you were sort of relying on their payments FOR, I wound up a little stress bundle last night. […]

When Customers Don’t Pay

In the five years I have been running this business, never once has a customer not paid. Every now and then, we run into issues, but every time, we have managed to come to an agreement that works. We are a design company. I accept that sometimes the designs we do don’t fit with our […]

10,000 People have joined the revolution!

Last week, Powershop announced that they now have 10,000 customers. For a power company that is revolutionalising the way New Zealander’s buy power, i think this is a pretty big deal. So big indeed, that I have been telling everyone I know. However, as I started telling people, it quickly became apparently that those I […]

The Girl Effect

I just got sent this link. It is a video that sort of follows along a line of thought that seems to be common in micro financing and new age development studies. i.e invest in girls and ‘let them do the rest’. I imagine is slightly controversial? In my experience men are the first to […]