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Great advice for anyone wanted to get in the startup game

A few years ago in Wellington, we had this weird wave of businesses that were so over-hyped, everyone assumed the founders were superstars, despite there being virtually nothing behind the buzz.

Out of the rubble a couple of key names emerged. These people actually seemed to have their heads screwed on correctly and had spent that time, heads down getting stuff done.

Rowan Simpson, has invited a few of them to guest post on his blog about their experiences and lessons from their own startups. Their stories are hugely interesting to read and shine a light on what it REALLY takes to get a technology product off the ground, while being honest about the gap between ‘off the ground’ and ‘driving Ferraris into the sunset’.

The posts will continue over the next wee while, so here’s a link to Rowan’s homepage. If you get lost, you’ll most likely find everything else there pretty darn useful anyway.

Are they really the best blogs in the country?

Just saw the keffuffle around the Qantas Media Awards and their 3 finalists for the ‘Best Blog’ award. (Note the lack of actually linking to the blogs)

Two of the three are just part of an online newspaper and the third writer appears regularly on Breakfast (TVNZ) and I’m sure is connected in various ways to mainstream media – and he’s by far my favorite of the three.

But that’s not the POINT of blogging right?

I just added some from Stuff to my list (the first ever from a newspaper!) and to be honest, they lack the quality, insight and readability of pretty much every independent blog I read. I don’t think they ‘get’ blogging, it’s too forced, too structured… Too something.

Apparently the blog award is early days, but I imagine their choices have transformed it from something all top quality NZ bloggers will strive to be a a part of, to an exclusive ‘OMG we’re journalists, lets pat each other on the back’ type of affair… Which sort of makes it a little irrelevant to the people who are actually leading the blogging charge – and anyone who looks to it for some new good reads.

I like the idea of the Air New Zealand Media Awards – they should embrace this especially now while they are on a roll.

P.S. I’m sorry if this sounds like winging, I just think that it sort of undermines the competition and we all lose out on seeing some pretty high quality outputs from our fellow country people :)

Decisive Flow gets HEAVILY into blog design

We LOVE blogging and we love making blogs. I’m forever raving about the advantages of blogging to business and life in general and Alan (Business mentor) mentioned that perhaps we should try to make some money out of this whole blogging thing.


Read Write Web

So, we thought, ‘why not go large?’ and started by signing up to be Read Write Web’s ongoing design partner. Read Write Web is a MASSIVE blog, you will see it prominently listed on the Technorati top 100 and it has probably played a part in influencing the popularity of the web tools you use. You will start to see some changes very soon.


Liv Large

Liv works with us at Powerkiwi and we got to talking about her personal blog. This is the result.

Where we are heading

Aside from my 2 hour re-design of this blog, we have some big blogging plans. Get in touch if you are interested in what we can do for you