Can you make tea?

You might think this looks professional, but we were actually charting Kelle's family tree

You might think this looks professional, but we were actually charting Kelle's family tree

I have been worried about Nat ever since I have left Wellington. Who makes the breakfast in the office each morning? Nat assures me she makes her own, but I’m not convinced. I am very sure nobody is now offering to make tea or coffee at 11, and what really keeps me awake at night is that they probably no longer have ANY Irish tea left!

I think those were my major contributions to Nat’s office when I was there, though I did occasionally chip in with some advice (mostly unsolicited) and assistance where I could. I wasn’t an employee, I was just the Irish guy that showed up one day looking for an office to work out of. Nat being Nat, she innocently agreed, despite the “No Boys Allowed” sign hanging off the door.

Now that Nat has two empty desks in her office, I suggested she think about offering them out under a co-working arrangement. Essentially that is what I was doing at Decisive Flow and I have previously done co-working in Dublin too. At the moment I am working out of an office in Adelaide in kind of similar circumstances (albeit in an office with two Greek-Australians who perform “financial services” – it is all a bit odd). I guess I am a modern day techie-gypsy.

Co-working is a great way for a freelancer like me to hop from country to country and get to know others, bounce ideas, and generally have another human to talk to during the working day. If I could sum up the advantages of co-working up, I would say it brings to mind an afternoon in Decisive Flow where Nat, Lance Wiggs (who was working from Nat’s couch that afternoon), and myself were crowded around Emma’s computer, discussing her latest design for a site, what we liked and disliked etc.The number of people offering constructive opinions is doubled, but without doubling your workforce.

So, I have offered to write this post to see if there are any techies out there who might be interested in keeping an eye on the ladies now that I am gone. Despite the sign on the door, she will *grudingly* allow boys into the office. Just be aware you will be the one making the tea!

PS: But I know she would be even more eager to hear from female techies: ladies may not even have to use tea to bribe their way in!

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