Big screens just get more stuff done.

I used to LOVE my laptop, the ability to work from everywhere, how I could carry my business with me, how it was silver and shiny.

Now I’m so over it.

It all began after almost a year of Kelle battling an old, old dyng macbook, we replaced it with a 24 inch desktop mac. She then went back to uni and the 24 inch sat on the desk alone for about 45 minutes before I wandered over to introduce myself and see if we could work together.

And work we have.

Now I don’t need a laptop because I know that if I work at home, I’ll get half as much done because I have half as much room. When I did my accounting marathon, I had 4 windows open on one screen, instead of endlessly closing and opening browsers and notes and documents.

Computer comparison

White and shiny is so much prettier than silver and shiny.

and who needs to go anywhere? I have an office.

But seriously, it’s amazing how much more you get done when you have space to move. If you have designers, buy them all one now and they will make you millions with their wizz bang speed.

And completely off topic. Look what I came home and found at my house the other day:

Cute dog

Should I turn this into cuteoverload?

8 thoughts on “Big screens just get more stuff done.”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, unfortunately ive had to go the opposite way. I had a 17in desktop for the longest time and now that im prepping for a big move i condensed down to a 13in laptop. I find myself designating certain sides of the screen for certain types of windows. Apple/Tab is my best friend.

  2. Yeah laptops are cool. I’m hearing more and more about having a ‘movable computer’ and a ‘fixed’ computer and sharing your workload between them. Two computers seems a little extravagant and geeky though huh?

    And Claire, a mummy dog and a daddy dog fell in love… Nah it’s my flatmates dad’s dog (they now have TWO handbag dogs for us to look after when they are away!!!!!)

  3. Do you know you can get a 17″ MacBook Pro that fits exactly the same amount on the screen as that 24″ iMac? Both are 1920×1200 pixels.

  4. Ha ha maybe you’re right Bruce. I just like SPACE. I don’t even care if it’s fake space. And shinyness. But actually even if it’s the same resolution, I hate squinting because it’s all so small.

    Rob, that’s just too much. ;)

  5. I switched to a desktop about about a year ago and absolutely hate it when I’m heading out of town (or to a client’s for that matter) and have to get the laptop synced up. Document/data syncing is not a problem: it’s more “oh right, I haven’t upgraded program xyz to v.Next etc.). Being a developer, this is a hard one.

    Used to love “have laptop, will travel” so the next machine will be a laptop again, albeit on a stand with an external 22″ and possibly number three with a USB external monitor extension. Therefore I’m still running triple monitor, but can pick up the laptop and go. That’s one thing I won’t go back to: non-dual/triple monitor.

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