Are Your Business Cards as Effective as They Could Be?

We’re all about ‘entry points’ when it comes to websites. Entry points provide access to the information your potential customers are after. That’s how we design the homepage of every site, by figuring out the biggest decision making paths of viewers, and providing entry points to those paths as soon as they reach the website.

what are customers really after when they take your business card?

I’ve never really applied this logic to business cards before, but after reading Kinetic Ideas this morning, I am convinced that business cards are currently not helping people choose you as much as they could.

The current format is traditional contact information and hopefully an eye catching design. But what are potential customers really after when they take your business card? A way to gain value as quickly as possible.

How to give quick entry points into your business on a tiny piece of cardboard 

Your business card is an entry point to a whole lot more information on your website, from your mouth and in your blog, so treat it like an entry point and give people the quick satisfaction they need: 

  •  Expand on the basics: What provides more instant value?
    a) website:
    b) Visit for more info and to sign up for Wendy’s free ezine.
  • Tell People that you know what they are after: Which sparks your interest more?
    a) Decisive Flow, website design.
    b) Decisive Flow, We help people choose you
  • Add a little bit of you: Because your business card is you on cardboard, how much more appealing is a photo of you combined with you contact information, than just dull old contact information?

6 thoughts on “Are Your Business Cards as Effective as They Could Be?”

  1. This is something that’s been on our minds recently as we redesign our business cards. We’re a copywriting agency so the pressure’s on to impress with the words on our card. One thing that can be a bit boring with business cards is their similarity. So, we’ve thought about making every one different with, and also having different URLs so we can get an idea of which ones mighr be most effective.

  2. HOW AWESOME IS Moo? I love it! thanks for much for this link. Funnily enough, I’ve seen it before, but never really looked at just how cool (and cheap) it is!

  3. I agree with the first 2 points, but adding the photo is a bad idea because people will judge you based on what you look like which depending on the situation may not work in your advantage.

  4. Yes, you do assume that eventually you will meet someone face to face anyway. I think the advantage of having people know what you look like (thereby avoiding those awkward ‘which one will you be’ conversations, far outweighs the possibility they will judge you on your looks.

    I understand what you’d mean on a personal level, but I’m not sure how many people care about what you look like in business? 

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