closing down was founded on the basis that the media world is going through massive change, traditional newspapers are experimenting with new models, and social media is changing the landscap they operate in.

The fabulous Julie Starr, founded the company on the basis that somewhere in all the change, there is an opportunity for a newer, fairer model where writers get paid what they are worth, and newspapers get access to a much larger pool of writers. So we launched a website that was fundamentally a marketplace for buyers and sellers of news content to meet.

It became apparent quickly that there was some interest, but also a huge number of barriers and the idea required quite a mindset shift in an industry that seems to be struggling a little with change as it is. We knew it wouldn’t be an overnight success, but we kept tweaking the concept, Julie found new opportunities and we gave it a real go.

Last week, Julie decided that it was time to let the idea go (which as Lance points out, is one of the most important points to recognise in a business). Its an interesting conclusion, probably because you quickly realise that what we are closing down is the website. The team is still all floating around (Lance is quite literally almost afloat on his way to Antarctica) and all agree that it was well worth a shot and if something else presents itself, we could combine forces again.

Yes it is easier to walk away when you have other things on (though, I think it also enables you to make less emotional decisions), but it also gives you confidence that, given the right group of people, and the right opportunity, its easy to give an idea a proper go.

Thanks guys, I loved working with you. Onwards and upwards!