Unlike Nik from Code to Customer who is somewhat uptight about making his accounts balance EVERY DAY, I have had a varied accounting history.

I used to have an accounts person who did the day to day bank recs etc but found that this meant I lost my overview of how we were doing and that if I actually just put aside five minutes a day, I could do it no sweat.

However, those early higgeldy piggeldy days have left my accounts a little out of synch, so I spent this Saturday morning, in bed, surrounded by bank statements and went through every transaction for the past two years.

Fun times, but now I am only out by about $300 total across all accounts , which I am happy to wipe off as the downside to having 2 accounts people and me meddle with the accounts for a while.

Does anyone else notice that the Xero balance sheet seems to update randomly (is there a time gap between changes you make to your bank transactions and it updating? I swear it has produced 3 different figures in the past half hour POST me actually making any changes!)

And now, Time to enjoy my weekend!!!

3 thoughts on “Accounting…”

  1. woohoo!!! to the enojoying your weekend!!! It starts with the super sunny (all be it windy) saturday and drinkies with a group of awesome people tonight ;)

  2. How do you manage to live with your accounts $300 out…

    Mine match *exactly*. Just ask Oliver about the time we were 3c out…

    Also, with the Xero stuff – sometimes the period changes without you changing anything (at least that’s what I find) so maybe check the period of the report you’re running?

  3. The reports in Xero runs live – so there’s no lag between entering data and seeing it on your Balance Sheet. If you’re using multi-currency – then it will be using updated exchange rates every hour which will give you slightly different numbers.


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