10 posts, 7 day work weeks, scary little exercise… and 2012 is virtually over

There’s nothing like looking back over your year and patting yourself on the back for all that you achieved…

I tried to do just that about 5 minutes ago, while avoiding the last of my work for the day, and came up blank.

2012, for me, was the year of plodding along. I worked hard (probably a good thing on balance, though I dare you to have asked me that at 11pm on many nights between March and August). I had a lot of fun times (though none that stand out from the pack), a got fit, lost it all, then got fit again, just to lose it again. I learned that I’m not a workaholic after all.

2012 was the year when everyone grew up. My sister has a one year old. People got married, people I know fairly well as crazy party animals are now knocked up and residing in the suburbs. Somewhere along the line, those of us whose Facebook profiles still say ‘Single’ (or in my case, ‘in an open relationship with Nadine’) became a sort of tragic minority. On a specific day in June, I woke up and realised I didn’t want to party every night any more. Thinking it was a short term affliction, I now look back with a mixture of sadness and contentedness at a year of 9pm finishes so I could head home alone and watch X Factor.

Once, I even had a conversation, in which we mentioned in all seriousness ‘young people these days…’

2012 was the year I started to seriously question what on earth Im doing with my life. It’s the first time in my working life that Ive really been able to change things up… And disastrous work planning aside, it’s been really confusing, scary and kind of worrying how little I managed to suss out. Questions that seem fairly straight forward like ‘where do I want to live’ have kept me up at night, the fact that Im quite stuck in my ways was quite hard to acknowledge. The sudden influx of babies has really made me need to sit down and think about how I would feel with them, or without them… And to realise, no matter how much I think, I probably have very little say in what happens.

The major, major lesson I learned this year was from my mum. After attending the funeral of someone who was far too young to die, she has resolved to no longer get caught up in the little things. Her new criteria for getting wound up is “will it kill you? Will it ruin your life?” If you can answer ‘no’ then you should stop worrying. Easier said than done, but a great trick when things start to feel overwhelming.

There’s something about this time of year that really makes it hard to get stressed. The sun is shining, the christmas parties are in full swing. Old friends are coming home.

Merry christmas everyone! Ill see you next year!